silver nipple cups.

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999 Fine Silver Non Slip Breathable Nipple Cups.

Redefine comfort, 
purity & function with the Bosom Ritual ObjectsA superior choice for mothers seeking a provensafe & natural solution to help prevent, soothe & heal nipple damage between feedings.

the biglittle details.

✓ Breathable airflow innovation

✓ Pure 99.9% fine silver

✓ Non-slip support

✓ Lead, nickel & copper free

✓ Ultra soft 30 degree medical grade silicone

✓ Lightweight

✓ Practitioner endorsed

✓ Reusable economical choice

✓ Australian owned

✓ Female founded

1 Pair 999 Fine Silver Non-slip Breathable Nipple Cups
1 Pair Medical Grade Silicone Non-slip Cushions
1 Aluminium Hygiene Vessel
1 Polishing Cloth

how to use it.

To ensure leak-proof protection between feeds, always position the airflow holes at the top of the nipple.

To eliminate the necessity for a nursing bra & enhance the breathable airflow innovation, adhere the silver nipple cups to the bosom using our signature Aloe Infused Hydrogel Adhesives.


Wash and dry your hands and cups using warm, soapy water before handling.

Ensure breast tissue is clean and dry prior to application.


Secure the silicone cushions to the outer perimeter for non-slip support.


Adhere the Bosom Ritual Discs (sold separately).

Slowly peel the white film from the gel padding.

Attach the adhesive side to the silver cup's perimeter, exposing airflow holes.


Add a drop of breast milk inside the silver cup for enhanced healing.


Cup the device over the nipple, aligning airflow holes at the top.


Option 1

Gently press and smooth down the hydrogel adhesive for a comfortable and secure fit, eliminating the necessity for a bra.

Option 2

Layer the Mammae contoured breast pads over the nipple cup for leak-proof protection and secure them beneath a well-fitting bra.

how do you care for it.

Regular Silver Cup Dimensions
Width: 4.5cm
Height: 1.5cm
Bras Size: C Cup or Less
Areola Dimension: Less than <4.5cm
1 Pair 7g

Large Silver Cup Dimensions
Width: 5.5cm
Height: 1.8cm
Bras Size: C Cup or More
Areola Dimension: greater than >4.5cm
1 Pair 11g

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