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  • Written by Gather founder, mother of three and birth doula Gabrielle Nancarrow, The Birth Space is rich with comprehensive information about the birthing landscape that will empower you to choose the path to parenthood that feels right to you – whether that be a hospital, home or birth centre birth.
    Gabrielle Nancarrow
  • A book cover showcasing The Motherhood Space by Gabrielle Nancarrow.
    Gabrielle Nancarrow
  • Two Gabrielle Nancarrow birth & motherhood book bundles providing comprehensive information on birth space.
    Gabrielle Nancarrow
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  • The Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy & Birth by Australian Birth Stories book on a white surface.
    Australian Birth Stories.
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  • A Life After Birth book with a picture of a woman holding a baby by Jessica Prescott & Vaughne Geary.
    Jessica Prescott & Vaughne Geary
  • The postpartum recipe book includes 30 nourishing recipes and 30 recipe gift cards. With gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options. Each recipe has been designed to nourish a new mama using easy to find and affordable ingredients.
    Village For Mama
  • The cover of the Mothers Mylk Nourished Postpartum cookbook with a white background.
    Mothers Mylk
  • Notes for women to read to their daughters, sisters and most importantly themselves.  Woven through striking artwork these notes will move you: you'll laugh, cry and most importantly, you'll feel hopeful for a beautiful and safe future for our daughters.
    Notes to My Future…
  • This book is an ode to the clever, compassionate, beautiful and kind men, that we are so lucky to have in our lives. May we learn and speak with them, raise and love them, celebrate and cherish them.
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    Notes to My Future…